Barns & Associates Investigations


Barns & Associates provides first-rate personnel for investigations, civil process services, and personal protection by employing state-qualified personnel. Personnel are trained in their special fields and are all former law-enforcement, military, or trained personal protection personnel.

Barns & Associates personnel all have expertise's in their respective fields, as well as experience in other related fields. Personnel all have extensive training in state penal code laws, investigations, civil process, firearms, self-defense, driving techniques, as well as communications and electronics training. In-service training and re-qualifications are mandatory items met by all personnel while employed at Barns & Associates Investigations to exceed standards and maintain all required licensing.

Whether it is an investigation, civil process, or a personal protection officer that you may require the need for, we at Barns & Associates Investigations will provide you with professional and trustworthy personnel to meet your requirements to perform your service needs.

Barns & Associates Investigations is licensed in the following states:

Texas License # A-08400



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